Guelph & District Labour Council Executive Election Results

On January 9, 2020 the following GDLC members were elected to the new Executive for a two-year term:

President: Jennifer Hesch (Upper Grand ETFO)

1st Vice-President: Laura Maclure (CUPE 1334)

2nd Vice-President: Tracey Mackie Vliestra (OSSTF D18)

Treasurer: Mark Beradine (Wellington OECTA)

Recording Secretary: Jensen Williams (CUPE 1281)

Seargeant at Arms: Aisha Jahangir (OPSEU 248)

Executive Members at Large:

John Potoscka (OSSTF D18)

Gundi Barbour (Upper Grand ETFO)

Sarah Neath (UFCW 175 & 633)

Juanita Burnett (CUPE 1334)

Ivy Woods (OSSTF D18)