Fight for Decent Work: Bill 148

Bill 148’s clause-by-clause reading is over, but there’s still time to press for changes. In fact, there’s no better time to speak to your MPP about what workers need!

Three Things You Can Do Right Now

  1. Call your MPP: Call your MPP and tell them what changes we want by clicking on A script will appear for you to read. Check out the script beforehand here. We will be setting up some meetings with key MPPs that influence the direction of the bill. If you are interested in meeting with your MPP, please contact Melisa Bayon, Director of Political Action and Outreach at
  2. Attend a Labour Day event in your community! The Make It Fair and $15 and Fairness campaigns will have a presence in many Labour Day events across the province. We need to make sure that people are talking about what’s at stake with Bill 148. Help volunteer at a table and spread the decent work message! Contact Melisa Bayon at to know where you can help in your community. Click here for a Labour Day pamphlet and click here for a list of Labour Day events in Ontario!
  3. Letters to the editor: It’s go time. There are many articles coming out both in favour of the $15 minimum wage and decent work legislation but also against it. The business lobby is making sure they’re heard. We need to be responding to as many of these articles as we can because we are the majority! If you are interested in writing a letter to the editor, let us know! Please email

Ontarians need decent work now! Our government can make needed amendments to Bill 148.

Help keep our message strong by contacting your MPP by email or phone. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get it right when it comes to labour and employment laws in this province. We need changes now – no delays, exceptions, or exemptions to a $15 minimum wage.

Contact Your MPP Today!

You can use the site to EMAIL YOUR MPP by clicking here, or you can PHONE THEM by clicking here.