26 May Canvas Blitz with Aggie!

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Saturday May 26 – NDP canvass Blitz for Agnieszka (Aggie) Mlynarz. Come join us and other union supporters to distribute leaflets across the City to help elect Aggie as our NDP MPP at Queens Park. Drop by the campaign office at 120 Wyndham St. N anytime between 11 – 5 pm to pick up your canvass kits and hit the road for Aggie. If you have any questions please call Shayne at the campaign office at 226-500-6229.

Workers’ Comp is a Right! Injured Workers Rally & March


Friday June 1st, 11:00am

Queen’s Park

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/180833029238226/


Injured workers are rising up. Refusing to be held down by the cutting edge of austerity, the injured worker movement is building power, gaining momentum, and demanding transformative change. We are taking back our compensation system.


Between the province-wide Workers’ Comp is a Right campaign and the Real Healthcare campaign, we have organized across Ontario to force the Liberal government to respond to our demands. With Injured Workers Day coming just a few days before the provincial election, we have one more opportunity to show our collective strength and put all the Parties on notice.


No matter who is elected on June 7th, injured workers will be there, standing up for our rights, and calling for dignity and respect.


So join us on June 1st, as we take to the streets and say:


Workers’ comp is a right!

We will not give up the fight!


Organized by the Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups (ONIWG) injuredworkersonline.org




Accessibility options will be available so that those with mobility difficulties will be able to join the march.


Please also join us for other Injured Workers’ Day events:


May 31, 7pm  9pm, Queens Park

Overnight Vigil led by the Women of Inspiration Injured Worker Group

Cultural showcase to celebrate the resilience of injured workers. Join us for an evening of music, poetry, storytelling, and satire. The 11th annual overnight vigil will follow the cultural event, to remind MPPs that injured workers cannot sleep at night due to pain and poverty, so how can our politicians?


June 1, 2pm – 4pm, OCAD U Auditorium – 100 McCaul Street, Room 190

Candidates Town Hall Meeting

We are inviting representatives from the Liberals, NDP, PCs, and Green, to a town hall meeting to answer our questions, and to tell us what they will commit to doing for injured workers

PRESS RELEASE: “Guelph Workers Come Together, Defend Local Organizing!”

For Immediate Release — 12 April 2018

Guelph—Across the country, there has been a lot of dissent created by recent actions of Unifor towards the Canadian Labour Congress and by decisions within the Congress to uphold executive positions for members who should no longer hold them under the Constitution, including President Hassan Yussuf. Meanwhile, requests have been made to isolate local labour activists from Labour Council spaces due to these leadership-level disputes.

In Guelph, members of Guelph and District Labour Council have voted to support local organizing over the ways of leadership disputes. While Labour Council strongly condemns raiding and other tactics which create strife within the House of Labour, it has decided to not selectively uphold rules which punish local organizing while leaving our internal power structures unchallenged.

“Rules within the Canadian Labour Congress have already been broken and until wider issues are resolved, we have to think about the good of labour organizing here in Guelph and in our region..” said Janice Folk-Dawson, President for Labour Council, “And we’re not alone in this, many of our allies across the Province are with us in this stance.”

Effective immediately, members of Unifor that were once members of the Council have been reinstated. The Council also calls for an end to raiding and other divisions within the Canadian Labour Movement so as to support this return to a focus on local strength and organizing.

“Our focus is, as it always is, around how Labour Council can foster and grow organizing here in our region to fight back against bad bosses and to make a better, more just world for working class people. Our stake is with the Labour Movement over any leader.” said Brad Evoy, Recording Secretary for Labour Council

Guelph and District Labour Council extends its solidarity with all other Labour Councils who have made a similar decision to support local organizing and labour power.

PRESS RELEASE: Valentine deliveries to more than 200 Tim Hortons across Ontario on Feb 13 to support Tim Hortons workers, says OFL


(GUELPH, ON) – Ontarians are delivering Valentines to workers at more than 200 Tim Hortons outlets today; valentines that contain messages of support and additional information about workplace rights.

In Guelph, Labour Council and its allies will be hosting a Valentine workers party from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the Tim Hortons at 386 Speedvale Ave East.

“Valentine’s Day is the time to tell the people you love that you value and support them,” said OFL President Chris Buckley. “It’s clear that some bosses are sending the opposite message to their employees through bullying and mistreatment. We wanted to tell these workers they’re valued and deserve fair treatment, a nd provide them with information about the rights they are entitled to.”

While millions of workers are enjoying higher wages and better working conditions, some corporations, like Tim Hortons, are attempting to claw back the higher wages through other reprisals in the workplace. Some of the mean-spirited attacks on workers include cutting the December holiday party and reducing hours.

“The majority of Ontarians are appalled to hear how workers are being treated and they are demanding better,” said Deena Ladd, coordinator of the Workers’ Action Centre. “The fact that many people are going public with these kinds of abuses shows that workers are fed up with corporate greed and know they have the public support behind them. We intend to keep fighting until all workers enjoy the benefits of a higher minimum wage and fairer labour laws.”

This February 13 Day of Action in support of Tim Hortons workers is part of the Fight for $15 and Fairness, and the labour movement’s push to win workers’ rights whether those workers belong to a union or not. The Ontario Federation of Labour, representing 54 unions across Ontario, and the Workers’ Action Centre, representing non-union workers are key partners in the campaign along with hundreds of faith, student, community and anti-poverty organizations.

We encourage all Guelphites to report their bad bosses to the Workers’ Action Centre’s Hotline at 1-855-531-0778 or (416) 531-0778